We were delighted to receive the ‘Partner Organisation of the Year’ award at EduSpots recent Annual Dinner and fundraising evening.

EduSpots is a dynamic grassroots charity working with volunteer networks across rural Ghana and beyond to develop and grow community-led education through their unique ‘Spot’ education centres.

Fonthill has supported this small but growing charity for a number of years, helping to build new community education centres, or ‘Spots’ as they are known, in rural communities across Ghana, to funding books, resources and IT equipment, and more recently enabling the Charity’s innovative ‘Community Leadership in Education’ (CLEd) programme to get off the ground.  CLEd is a 10 month programme that provides key EduSpots volunteers with the skills, training & experience needed to be leaders in education in their communities and local Spot centres.

Seen here is our Chair of Trustees Vicky Henley, accompanied by Trustee Maggie Lloyd and CEO Ceetah Grieves accepting the award from EduSpots volunteer Stephen Tettegah.

To find out more about EduSpots and their work click here.