With the increasingly desperate situation in Ukraine we are pleased to be able to support the crisis efforts through our project partners ‘Link to Hope’ and ‘Door to Hope’ who have teams on the ground in Eastern Europe.

With over 30 years experience of reaching out and supporting poor and marginalised people in Eastern Europe through education and social support programmes, they are extremely well placed to be helping in the crisis efforts.

Funds raised through their crisis appeal are enabling their project managers not only in Ukraine but in Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria too, to help tackle the huge humanitarian crisis that is unfolding.

Funds are needed to help support the thousands of refugees that are crossing the border from Ukraine trying to access safety in Europe.

They are keeping supporters abreast of the latest updates from their staff on the ground on their web blog here. We hope and pray that there is a swift resolution to this catastrophic situation. If you would like to donate they also have an online donation page where you can support their crisis appeal – Click Here.