Voyages of Educational Discovery for Pupils and Teachers

We are delighted to have helped Brighton's Pupil Referral Unit, or PRU, to create a life & learning enhancing enrichment program that enables students across all year groups to participate in valuable social and educational experiences.

For most young people who find themselves in the referral unit life has been a challenge, with many experiencing little of the world beyond their immediate home life.  The aim of the programme is to increase their social & cultural awareness, and widen their view of the world around them.

The programme included educational trips to the Dockyards in Portsmouth. Where pupils were fascinated by the wreck of the Mary Rose, had fun exploring HMS Victory and were captivated by being able to be up close and touch the warships and cannons.

For others the trip to The Imperial War Museum in London, was an eye-opening experience.  Not only being in London, but to spend time exploring the museum's amazing World War I exhibition, which was followed by a workshop with a Holocaust expert that unearthed many emotions among the young people, and much thoughtful discussion between the students.

A more unexpected source of inspiration came when one year group took a tour of the Amex stadium, home to the mighty Seagulls. They were lucky enough of have a Q & A session with Paul Barber, the Executive Director of the Amex, who spoke to them with great honesty about his struggles growing up and the importance of working hard to find success in life.

The programme also included a fantastic project closer the students' own community.  The Cook and Eat program, where pupils cooked for, and ate with, members of their local community, was hugely successful. This culinary exploration encouraged the young people's skills both in the kitchen and at a social level.

In addition to the pupil focused enrichment activities, the programme also included a series of training sessions for the staff team.  Over the next year staff will benefit from extra INSET days designed to incorporate skills on the impact of trauma, forest schools and ways to help young people develop executive functions & self-regulation, critical to helping students understand how their brain works and how they can regulate their behaviour.

The programme has been a real inspiration, enhancing pupil's participation and engagement as well as developing skills and abilities to deal with life outside of the unit.