Inspirational Outdoor Education Opportunities for All

Hindleap Warren, part of the Charity, London Youth, has delivered outstanding outdoor education to tens of thousands of young people over the years at their beautiful woodland site in the Ashdown Forest. 

The staff team are specialised in enabling children and young people of all abilities to experience the inspirational outdoors in a nurturing environment, creating situations where they can stretch themselves, and last year they welcomed children from than 15 schools and youth groups from the Sussex area to the centre. 

Whilst it is proven that such alternative education activities help young people to develop essential life-skills, due to cost and a range of other barriers, these opportunities are not always available to children from less fortunate backgrounds.

Therefore, we are thrilled to be working in partnership with the team at Hindleap Warren to enable children and young people from some of Sussex's most deprived communities to experience the amazing learning opportunities offered by the centre.   

With Fonthill's support, during 2019 nearly 300 children, from schools in Sussex whose pupils are from disadvantaged backgrounds, will participate in a week-long residential.  The children will take part in activities designed to support and challenge them to become the best that they can be, and to help them develop the skills they need to ensure that they grow up healthy, confident and able to make a positive contribution in their communities.

For more information on Hindleap Warren and the fantastic work they do please visit