Fonthill Learning Adventure Centre

Keeping up with the latest technology in the classroom is a challenge for many schools.  Funds to purchase equipment, training for staff and a lack of understanding as to how current technology can assist with every day learning, can all be barriers to progress.

Through the generous donation of an empty former restaurant at Brighton Marina by Land Securities, the help of Brighton Metropolitan College Pathways students to do it up and a fantastic partnership with Tablet Academy, we set up and ran a 'pop-up' digital learning centre to give local schools the chance to engage with the latest i-Pad technology at no cost to them.

The Fonthill Learning Adventure Centre, which ran for 18-months, delivered over 300 i-Pad based digital learning workshops for pupils from 17 schools across East and West Sussex.   From small ideas, great things grow and the centre really drove the imagination of pupils and teachers as to what was possible; with movie making, green screen work, augmented reality and even a cycling based music making programme 'Active Beats' being delivered at the centre.  To get 30 pupils and teachers with bikes, i-pads and a bike-drum kit all in one place was fantastic - it certainly took the definition of 'learning outside the classroom' to new levels!

During the life-time of the project we delivered more than 300 workshops, giving over 12,000 hours of learning time with more than 6,000 pupil engagements.......and it didn't end there, we supported more than 6 schools to set up their own in-house i-Pad based learning programmes, as well inspiring pupils and teachers to the creativity they build into their learning.