Helping Develop Equal Opportunities for Children Living with Disabilities in Uganda

Kyaninga Child Development Centre (KCDC), founded in 2014, is one of Uganda's leading organisations in raising awareness of child disabilities. Widespread local beliefs that disabilities are an untreatable curse often cause disabled children and their families to be excluded from their communities, and poor understanding of disability is a huge barrier to the progress, learning and independence of most disabled children.

Since 2014, KCDC has been challenging this belief through a holistic approach, combining community engagement, awareness raising and education, as well as technical training opportunities for caregivers, teachers and families.  Since opening, KCDC has worked with more than 2,000 children with a wide range of disabilities in their outpatient clinic and through their innovative community outreach programme.

We are delighted to be supporting the work of this leading charity.  With funding over the next 2-years, KCDC will be able to expand their current education work.  Developing and delivering further training workshops for teachers, with ongoing mentoring and 1:1 support, enabling them to build an inclusive approach to education in their schools.

In addition, funding will provide a further 100 places per year on KCDC's pioneering Omugisa Programme – a 6-week programme of vocational skills training developing skills, self-confidence and abilities that young people with disabilities can use in a home, social and education situation.  Along with a further 50 children being enrolled on the inclusive education programme, which offers individual needs assessments and bespoke Education & Learning Plans, so that children can learn in an inclusive and supported environment.

Further information about KCDC's work can be found on their website: