Dr Archbishop Kiwanuka School, Uganda

Dr Archbishop Kiwanuka School is a rural school about 90 min west of Kampala, home to more than 1000 students aged between 5 and 13 years.  Due to the devestating effect of Aids and extreme poverty in the Region, the school looks after nearly 200 orphans who are full-time boarders.  The pressure of such large student numbers with so many orphans, combined with low levels of funding for education in Uganda, meant the infrastructure of the school really wasn't fit for purpose.

Working in collaboration with Dr Archbishops' UK partner School, Downs View in Brighton, we have been supporting a number of projects, including the building of new latrines, supplying classroom resources and the construction of a girls' dormitory, to improve the daily life for the children at the School. 

Through the Contain-A-School shipments programme, we initially sent a container to the School packed with essential classroom equipment and resources.  Thanks to the amazing efforts of the Downs View School Community we filled and shipped a 40ft container of goods out to Uganda.  On arrival the unloading 'ceremony' was a whole-school affair with great excitment as the goods were laid out in the school grounds.  These have since been moved into the classrooms, transforming the learning environment for the children and teachers, as well as providing sports equipment, uniform and much needed play equipment and toys for the younger age groups.

We have since gone on to provide funding for the construction of a purpose-built girls dormitory, which will allow the boys to move out of the classrooms they are currently sleeping in and into the dormitory that the girls are temporarily using.  In addtion to the main dorm building we have also funded the construction of a new set of latrines close by, giving the girls the much needed privacy and dignity they need.  

We are delighted to see that the work is almost complete and look forward to seeing the girls settled in their new facilties soon.