We are delighted to have been able to help our project partners, Spear Brighton, to continue their amazing support programmes for vulnerable young people in the Brighton & Hove area during the very difficult past year.

“These uncertain times continue to be challenging for all of us including the vulnerable young people we support. Although the picture of unemployment looks bleak we continue to be amazed by the transformation we see in our Spear graduates and the resilience they continue to demonstrate.

“When Covid struck last year we worked hard to support our current trainees and graduates.  Following feedback from them and our external partners, we provided additional support through our into employment activities, personal and professional development and engagement with a ‘Spear community’. In addition our coaches developed and piloted an online Spear Foundation course ‘Spear Digital’.  Thanks to Fonthill Funding we were able to develop and roll this programme out”

said the Brighton Centre Manager James Hyde.

“Whilst we do hope to return to running the Spear Programme in situ as soon as circumstances allow, the development of ‘virtual’ tools and resources has been critical to ensuring we can still reach out to our young people whatever the circumstances” he added.

We are delighted to have been able to provide funding through our emergency programme, to support  the development of ‘Spear Digital’, as well as providing Spear with a number of devices that can be loaned to young people for who access to appropriate tech is a barrier to their participation.

These are the Spear Digital Highlights so far…..

* 56 Young people enrolled on to the Spear Digital Programme

60% of Graduates are already in employment or further education

* 85%+  of Trainees have completed the online programme

It is fantastic to see how organisations, like Spear Brighton, have adapted to the ongoing pandemic to ensure support is still there for vulnerable young people, and at a time when it has never been more needed! To find out more visit: www.spearbrighton.org