We are excited to be supporting Dens and Signals to deliver their latest performance art project Animals! to schools in Hastings and Rother district. 

The project brings together children's thoughts on the animals around them, how humans are impacting on the wider world and explores in an interactive way the nature and biodiversity crisis facing the planet….but also what we can do to help.

Described on their website:

Animals! is an untamed, powerful performance about animals, humans, and nature. It's about building connections and empathy between species. Featuring original songs and extraordinary costumes, this interactive show explores the nature and biodiversity crisis, how humans are really animals too, and what we can do to help.

Working closely with schools in the Hastings area to develop the project, that is part of the Coventry City of Culture festival, Dens and Signals were extremely keen to be able to take the final production back to these schools. 

We are delighted to provide a Community Grant enabling Animals! to be performed in a number of Schools in the Hastings and Rother area. Providing an opportunity for children in these communities to be part of this extraordinary show that gets young people thinking about the wider global issues in a positive way.  One where they can see that whilst humans are part of the problems, we can also be part of the solution too.

For more information on Dens and Signals and the Animals! project click here.

* Photograph credit Rosie Powell
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