24th January 2022 is the 4th UNESCO International Day of Education. A day every year to remember, share and celebrate the role that education plays in promoting peace and development across the globe.

This year the day is celebrating and showcasing transformations that support everyone’s right to a quality education, one that also helps to build a more sustainable, inclusive, and peaceful future – under the theme ‘Changing Course, Transforming Education”.

The International Day of Education 2022 aims to generate debate around how to strengthen education as a public endeavour and for common good, how to steer the digital transformation, support teachers, safeguard the planet and unlock the potential in every person to contribute to collective well-being and our shared home.

We take this opportunity to look at the many project partners we support and say thank you for all you do to bring about this aim, on every day of every year. This Year’s theme is particularly poignant, and no doubt has been chosen partly on the back of the transformation in education that has been seen, and will be needed, as we navigate our way into a future beyond the Covid pandemic.

We are all having to change and transform the part we play in global education in order to respond to the challenges and needs that we face as a collective, from the pandemic, the global climate crisis and increasing divisions that we are seeing locally, nationally, and globally.

Let’s take a moment on this day to reflect and consider how we can all play our part in a world that sees a brighter, more positive, and inclusive future through education.

#ChangingCourse-Transforming Education #InternationalDayofEducation