Who are we?

The Fonthill Foundation Charity was born out of the closure of the Fonthill Lodge School in 2011.  The Charity was set up to continue the legacy of the school in supporting education for all.

Since the charity's inception in 2011 it has gone from strength to strength, supporting a wide range of fantastic education focused projects both in the UK and overseas.  Please read on for a brief synopsis of our development since those early days in 2011.....

  • 2011: In the first year we supported a range of projects through our grants scheme. It meant we could help others to help themselves, whilst we developed our own projects during these very early days. We still offer a small grants scheme today as we feel it's important to enable others to do great work too! 

During this first year things also slipped in to place with our very first 'Contain-A-School' project. Although at the time it wasn't known as this, it was just a great opportunity that seemed so obvious when someone mentioned it!

When Fonthill Lodge closed, our neighbouring schools in the local area were the first to benefit from goods and resources that were being rehomed.  But it still left a lot of items across the school that were perfectly usable but not wanted.  It seemed just too awful to landfill all this great equipment.  I know!  We have all these resources, our partner school in Tanzania (who Fonthill Lodge had a long-term connection with) are in desperate need of tables, chairs, uniform etc, why don't we send it to them?  So with all hands on deck the goods were packed into a 40ft container and shipped from Fonthill Lodge to Wasso School in Tanzania.  In effect this was the first 'Contain-A-School' shipment and in the process we helped transform the education opportunities for hundreds of children in this remote area of Tanzania.

  • 2013: We started the fantastically innovative and hugely successful iPad project with City Academy Whitehawk.  A great opportunity at a great time.  We are so pleased to have been able to support this fabulous school as it started out on its new journey, and what a journey it was!  From Ofsted rated Special Measures to Good in less than 2 years.  The transformation has been phenominal and we are delighted to still be working with City Academy Whitehawk as it continues to go from strenght to strength.

2013 also saw the first overseas trip take place with Brighton City College students travelling to Tanzania to help improve school facilities.  They did an amazing job and this relationship has continued to grow, with three trips having now taken place.

  • 2014: We opened the 'pop-up' Learning Adventure Centre at Brighton Marina, offering technology focused workshops, in a fun and safe environment. More than 300 sessions were held and more than 6000 children participations took place during its planned 18 months of operation.                                                                                          

2014 also saw further projects developed to ship unwanted education and learning resources from the UK to schools overseas.  Burgess Hill Girls were fantastic in supporting a container for schools in Uganda working alongside with The Quicken Trust and further goods were received in Tanzania.

  • 2015:  As well as the shipment of goods, this year saw the first container conversion. Creating a much needed library and learning space from what was a slightly rusty 40ft shipping container previously used to transport goods to the school.  A truly remarkable transformation!​  

It was early in 2015 that we thought about the impact these initial 'Contain-A-School' projects had had and were so excited by the potential that the shipments of equipment, the conversions of containers to classrooms and the opportunity for young people to have life-changing experiences offered, we felt that this had to be our focus.  Hence the 'Contain-A-School' programme was born!     

Since then we have gone on to share many more unwanted resources with those who are in need, create more classrooms and school facilities, and given more people the opportunity to get involved with our projects....... helping transform the lives of young people here in the UK and overseas.