Wasso School - Tanzania

"Before the Contain-A-School arrived the children sat on simple wooden benches, we had very few resources in our school and the classrooms were difficult to work in.  The wind blew through and the dust made it hard for the children to keep their work clean and focus on their studies.

With a container full of donated equipment and the help of Brighton City College students the classrooms at our school have been transformed.  The children love being in school and are so proud of their new rooms. 

After all this in the school, we then could not believe it when the container was converted to our fantastic library and filled with books; something we could never have hoped for before.  This means so much to the teachers and children at the school."

Wasso School Teacher

School: Wasso Primary School, Tanzania
Number of children: 420
Overseas Charity Partner: Ngorongoro Education Project Tanzania (NEPT)
UK School Partner: Brighton City College

Ngorongoro Education Project Tanzania has been working for a number of years with the three school communities in Wasso, a remote village in the northern region of Tanzania. It has been great to work with them on Contain-A-School shipment, classroom and experience projects.

The Finished School, Library - Grand Opening Day!