Support for Young Refugees & Asylum Seekers in Education

We are delighted to be working with Greater Brighton Metropolitan College to develop an innovative support and mentoring programme for young refugees and asylum seekers at the East Sussex based college.  

Whilst targeted education provision is provided for this group of vulnerable young people through Government funding, the College has struggled to provide the additional emotional and welfare support needed to help these young people manage a complex range of issues they are dealing with.  Issues that significantly impact on their education success.

There is a definite gap in support for this group of students who have a very specific level of need, particularly in terms of the trauma that many have experienced and continue to experience in their relatively short lives.  The students are in a 'alien' environment, with in many cases limited English skills and a lack of the usual parental/family support networks.   This means that many are struggling to realise their education potential, or in some cases remain in education and training.

Working with Fonthill, the project will enable MET to employ a dedicated 'mentor' to support this vulnerable cohort.  Offering one-to-one support, sign posting to other services and provisions that can help, and being a trusted and stable adult in what can be otherwise a chaotic daily life.

This direct support, will be combined with the development of a safe and welcoming space at the College that will provide a 'safe-haven' and work location where these vulnerable young people can go.  The Mentor will be located here enabling young people to seek their support when needed, as well as providing a space to study, meet new people and make new friendships.