Once in a Lifetime: Learning Experience for Brighton Metropolitan College Students

Students on the 'Pathways to Learning' programme have an amazing opportunity, as part of their course, to spend a week working with and supporting the children in one of our overseas partner schools. Pathways courses are designed to support disadvantaged and marginalised young people to re-engage in education.   Our 'Overseas Experiences' programme, which started life supporting children in a remote part of Tanzania, has grown in recent years to include schools supported by our fantastic charity partner in Sri Lanka Extra Cover.

Pathways students have to earn their place on the team, but when they do the experience they have will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  As one former team member said "it has been the best thing I have ever done.  I thought my life was hard but it is nothing compared to the lives of the children we saw.  Being able to go to school is so important for them.  I learnt so much about myself on this trip, I was really sad to leave."

Challenging   -  Emotional  -  Life Enhancing  -  Hardwork  -  New Relationships  -  Openess  -  Trust  -  Respect  -  Pride  -  New Skills  -  Focus  -  Curiosity  -  Fun  -  Laughter  -  Satisfaction  -  Aspirations  -  Sharing  -  Learning  -  Confidence  -  Friendship  -  Exploration  -  Reflection  -  Change  -  Good Times

Sometimes life's struggles can seem overwhelming. Personal cirucmstances make it difficult to see how you can realise your hopes and dreams. Life can become centred on what you know and it can become hard to see a wider world of opportunities.  This is the challenge for many of the students on the Pathways programme, which is why we know it is so valuable for these young people to break out of their day-to-day world and see another life, indeed another world to theirs!

It is through the generous support of our overseas charity partners that these trips can become a reality, but they too get so much from participating.  Not only have the schools benefitted physically from painted classrooms and updated playground equipment for example, the children forge new friendships and get to share in the learning together.