Food and Nutrition Education for Primary Schools

Learning about food and how to cook healthy, nutritious meals is an essential life-skill, so we are thrilled to be supporting Brighton & Hove Food Partnership's Community Kitchen, to develop their new primary school programme.

The Community Kitchen, which opened in May 2018, is located in central Brighton and helps people to learn to cook, grow food, eat a healthy diet and waste less. Independent evaluation shows that their work makes lasting changes to habits and behaviours which in turn improve lives.

Working closely with a pilot group of local primary schools, the team at the Community Kitchen will develop a dedicated and tailored activity plan for each school.  Ensuring that it meets the needs of their children and links closely with the curriculum and classroom lessons.   In particular the workshops will focus on linking to maths (addition, subtraction, fractions and measurements), English (spoken language and writing about real events), science (understanding the needs of living things e.g. plants and compost) and design and technology (cookery and nutrition), as well as helping the children to understand about the role of nutrition in health (mental and physical) and to develop skills and confidence in the kitchen.

We are very excited to be involved in the early stages of this fantastic project and look forward to seeing it grow (as well as visiting the workshops to taste some of the delicious dishes the children make!) 

For more information on Brighton & Hove Food Partnership's Community Kitchen please visit