Working with Porridge & Rice to Help their Schools Help Themselves

Porridge and Rice is an education charity working to support a growing number of schools in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.  Educaton in these deprived communities is critical to 'breaking the cycle of poverty' for future generations.

Whilst direct support can be offered to such schools, the aim of Porridge & Rice is to build the Schools' capacity to sustain themselves in the longer term, ultimately allowing them to stand on their own.  One of the ways of doing this is to develop sustainable income streams for the school, above and beyond the school fees that are paid - something that in rural communities is limited and doesn't cover all the school costs.

We are excited to be working with Porridge & Rice to develop such a project, 'The Chicken Shed', once established will provide a sustainable income source for a number of Schools in the area through the sale of eggs and chickens, and  eventually, will also provide a valuable source of nutrition for the school children.

In addition to 'The Chicken Shed' project we have also funded the installation of five water storage facilities at schools who were having to buy in clean water supplies, in small quantities and at high cost due to a lack of storage units.  It is essential to learning that children have a safe, reliable water source whilst at school. 

Porridge & Rice Schools' have also benefitted from a shipment of resources as part of the Fonthill Contain-A-School programme, goods that have transformed the classrooms and facilities for learning.  In the future the container used to send the goods will be converted into a much needed additional classroom at Forrestter School.  

There is another growing problem for the schools in these extremely poor communities.  Land in the slums is increasingly being purchased for high-rise housing development.  As a result rental pressure on the Porridge & Rice Schools is growing, with rents rising.  Fonthill are really pleased to be helping one of the schools, Compassion, with this issue by funding a new school build on a small plot of land that Porridge & Rice managed to purchase.  We look forward to seeing the development of the new school buildings in 2018.