St John Leonard School, Uganda

It has been great working with UK project partner, St Pauls Primary School, Brighton, on a series of projects with St John Leonard School in Uganda.  This primary school in a rural part of the Country has nearly 300 pupils on roll, and there numbers are steadily increasing as they try to offer more children a primary education.

Through our previous connection with St Pauls in Brighton, we became aware of their long-term partnership with St John Leonard, and initially worked with both schools to send resources through our Contain-A-School programme. 

Since then we have also funded the building of a school hall. This fantastic new space is being used to the maximum, now that the whole school can fit into one room there are school assemblies, singing practice, concerts and celebration events; and the children can now have their lunch break inside instead of sitting outside in the rain or squeezing into their classrooms.

As well as being used by the children the hall provides an office for the Headteacher and school bursar, as well as a staff room for staff breaks and training sessions.  It was lovely to see the new facility kitted out with some of the donated equipment that arrived in the Contain-A-School shipment.  It was a joy on our recent visit to see the staff, children, parents and wider community using this wonderful space to the full.  Developing a strong school and community spirit.

When we were visiting the school and the hall, we became aware of the urgent need for new sanitation facilities at the school.  The one set of pit latrines, used by pupils, staff and borders, is nearly full and they are in desperate need of a new block that we have agreed to support.  Whilst classrooms, resources and facilities are all extremely important to ensure children have what they need to learn; toilets, fresh water and meals are equally essential to creating a safe and healthy school environment where children can reach their full potential.