Partnering with Grassroots Charity 'Reading Spots' to create School and Community Libraries

Reading Spots is a grass-roots charity creating much needed school and community libraries in rural Ghana.   The Charity, run entirely by volunteers, aims to create reading spaces or 'spots' across Ghana, with the aim of ensuring schools and local communities have access to a range of books as well as the opportunity to engage in wider literacy projects.

We are delighted to be partnering with them on the creation and completion of three new 'Reading Spots' at Donkokrom, Tease and Abosomadwe.  Every project is community-driven, an approach that is essential to ensuring that they are managed, maintained and used daily by the communities they are set up to support.

It was great to see the furniture installed recently a Donkokrom, a rural community in the east of the Country.  This area has limited NGO support, however with Reading Spots and Fonthill's support the new community library is up and running at RAMSCO School.  It will also be used by the three nearby primary and junior schools, as well as by adults from the wider community, and, as with all Spots, offers a safe place to do homework or study.

Every library provides reading resources free of charge and ensure there is a mix of both African fiction and non-fiction.  In rural Ghana books are hard to find, despite a great thirst for reading.  'Reading Spots' are life-changing for the communities they serve and not only are they open during the day, they provide a vital space, well lit space for homework and evening study, something that we take for granted, but impossible when you have no electricity or lighting in your home.