Helping Supply 'Bags of Education' for School Children in Eastern Europe

'Bags of Education' is a fantastic new initiative from the UK charity, Door of Hope. With more than15 years' experience forging relationships with some of the poorest communities in Romania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine, they are perfectly positioned to help hundreds of children make the most of their education.

Many families in these Eastern European countries are living in severe poverty.  When the children go to school, the list of basic learning equipment required, that most of us take for granted, is virtually impossible for these parents to provide.  They survive on such a low level of income that being able to put money aside for stationary and school bags is just not possible.  This is where 'Bags of Education' comes in; providing a positive and very practical way of helping a child in poverty make the most of their education.

Through this scheme Door of Hope wants to give as many children as possible, the opportunity to go to school and achieve. Whilst children do have access to attend school, the schools don't have any extra resources to give to poorer children, so the reality is that whilst they are in class they actually have nothing to learn with.  Because of this, there is high drop-out rate amongst poorer children, and so the relentless cycle of poverty continues. 'Bags of Education' is such a simple idea but one that really does make a difference. 

The bags are filled in the UK by volunteers and generous donors, and once back with Door to Hope they are hand delivered directly to the children in need. 

Anyone and everyone can take part by filling a school bag.  Please click HERE to register. Door of Hope will then send you a school bag and a contents list in the post.  Just fill up the bag and post it back to them for free.   Every bag you fill will enable a child in need to fulfil their education.   Please help Door of Hope send bags and bags of education and give the opportunity for these children to break out of the cycle of poverty.

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