Developing Vocational Training Opportunities in Kabubbu

UK Charity The Quicken Trust has been working in the Ugandan village of Kabubbu for nearly 20 years, and in partnership with the Kabubbu Development Project NGO (KDP), have transformed the lives of people living in poverty in this rural area.   Where once there wasn't even a road or electricity, there is now a thriving primary and secondary school, a parish health centre, a community library and a co-operative maize mill and marketplace.  In addition to the transformation of the infrastructure in the area The Quicken Trust and the Kabubbu Development Project deliver health care programmes, offer adult education opportunities and have an agricultural development programme.

During our recent visit to Uganda it became clear that whilst primary and secondary education is of course extremely important, employment outcomes for students are greatly improved when young people have vocational skills in addition to academic learning.  

Whilst The Quicken Trust and KDP have built a strong education structure at Kabubbu, they were having to find funding to support young people to go to remote colleges across the Country in order to get the vocational skills they desired.  With the additional transport and living costs, on top of the course fees, the partnership started to consider if there was a better way forward.

After much research and consideration, it was clear that if vocational training could be offered in the community, not only would more young people have access to courses, once trained the skills would remain in the community reducing rural migration and stabilising the local economy.

With our support we are delighted to announce the new vocational training centre at Kabubbu is now open!  The centre is already delivering a range of courses in tailoring & sewing, hairdressing & beauty, nannying and IT & computing.  The new centre has provided a huge economic boost to the area, not only through the training of young people who have improved chances of long-term sustainable employment, but also by providing employment for skilled trainers and teachers in the area.

The Quicken Trust and Kabubbu Development Project NGO partnership, with the support of the wider community, is a truly fantastic project, that shows how long-term community-led development can transform the lives of those living in poverty.