UK Students heading to Sri Lanka to help at Extra Cover schools

We're very excited that Pathways students from Brighton City College will soon be heading to Sri Lanka with charity Extra Cover, supported by Fonthill Foundation. This experience will be life changing for the students as they spend a week working in a number of the schools that Extra Cover supports.

Extra Cover is a fantastic charity, set up to provide education and hope to some of Sri Lanka's poorest children in remote villages in the southern rainforest area.

Whilst overseas the Brighton City College students will work in the classroom, supporting lessons and planning and delivering sports and extra-curricular activities.

We are also looking forward to sending a Contain-A-School later in the summer that will support the work of Extra Cover in their group of 24 schools. In particular, we will be supplying equipment for their special educational needs (SEN) schools, the only ones in Sri Lanka, and a number of the pre-schools they manage.

Great partnerships, do great things!