School Hall Transforms School Days

During a recent visit to Uganda by our project partner, Downs View School, Brighton, Headteacher Adrian took time to visit St John Leonard School, Mpigi, to see how the Fonthill Foundation Hall has changed the school day.

This fantastic new space is being used to the maximum.  Now that the whole school can fit into one room there are school assemblies, singing practice, concerts and celebration events.  As well as enabling the children to have their lunch break inside, instead of sitting outside in the rain or squeezing into their classrooms.

As well as being used by the children the hall provides an office for the Headteacher and school bursar, as well as a staff room for staff breaks and training sessions.  It was lovely to see the new facility kitted out with some of the donated equipment that arrived in the Contain-A-School shipment late last year.

It is a joy to see the staff, children, parents and wider community using this wonderful space to the full.  Developing a strong school and community spirit.

In addition to seeing the hall pictures, Adrian saw the new building taking shape that incorporates the shipping container.  This is going to provide valuable, highly secure storage within the new building.  Great to see it is being put to fantastic use.