News from Brother John's School, Uganda

It was great to catch up last week with our project partner, Downs View School, Brighton, who are supporting Brother John's school in Uganda. Headteacher Adrian has recently returned from a trip to Uganda where he spent time at Brother John's School, supporting Brother John, the staff and children.

As well as giving education support, working with teachers and delivering child protection workshops, Adrian also worked with Brother John to plan the exciting building projects that Fonthill are funding. These essential builds - providing toilet facilities and a girls only dormitory - will hugely improve the lives of the children at the school.

We are very much looking forward seeing the new latrines and the new girls dormitory starting work. We are also delighted to share with you some photos of Adrian's visit.

The children, many of whom are orphans, work hard not only at school but in doing their chores, washing clothes etc. The classrooms are basic and functional at the moment, but soon to be transformed with the arrival of the 40ft Contain-A-School of goods.

The new dormitory will be built to make use of a partly-constructed building that will extend the facility to include separate sick rooms for children who are unwell, and an indoor recreation space for those living at the school.