Wonder Women of the Ancient World come to Brighton Schools

Award winning Brighton theatre company Actors of Dionysus (aod) bring their amazing 'Wonder Women of the Ancient World' project to Brighton primary schools this summer thanks to support of a Community Grant. 

Complimenting the Key Stage 2 core curriculum module on Myths and Legends, this fantastic story workshop encourages girls and boys to engage with powerful women from the ancient world.  With the focus tending to be on male heroes, Actors of Dionysus will use their amazing story telling, literacy and performance skills, to inspire their audiences to see women as heroes too.

Aod's General Manager Katherine Sturt-Scobie added "The children taking part in this project will improve literacy, public speaking and creative teamwork skills. However, the key outcome of the workshop is for young people to add to a repertoire of amazing women in ancient history that they have explored and claimed through their engagement with the myth and surrounding drama games. These story workshops are interactive, fun and active!"

Nearly 300 young boys & girls will be inspired by the 'wonder women' project, that will help break the traditional narratives that purport only male heroes, helping to improve young girls' confidence and encourage them to use their voices and speak out.

 The education strand of Actors of Dionysus (a registered charity), aodEducation, produce a rich and varied outreach programme for schools, colleges, universities and young people, click here to find out more.