A new Saturday Learning Club for this fantastic befriending Charity

Fun In Action is a small befriending charity set up in 1999.  They provide a service to children and young people from disadvantaged lone parent families in Brighton & Hove, by providing extra support to the family, it is strengthened, and from the child's perspective they get a person in their lives who can offer stability, friendship, support, guidance and mentoring.

The charity has an established programme of 1:1 befriending, and run a variety of activities that bring befrienders and children together, but they were looking at how the benefits of the scheme could be further strengthened, particularly from an education perspective.   Many of the children struggle in school due to the challenges they face in life, and whilst direct befriending helps, the Charity felt this could be developed further through a structure learning club.

The Community Grant from Fonthill will fund the setting up and running of a Saturday morning Learning Club that will focus on delivering learning support in a fun, inclusive and interactive way.  Adding value and support to the children and adults already benefiting from the befriending programme.

We are delighted to be able to make this happen, and look forward to seeing the benefit that the club will bring, helping the participating children to develop the essential life and learning skills they need to succeed in mainstream school and to develop meaningful and healthy lives.

For more information on Fun in Action and the work they do please visit their website: www.funinaction.org.uk