Expanding Little Lifesaver Groups into East Sussex & Kent

Little LifeSavers is a charitable organisation teaching Basic Life Support (BLS) skills including Management of choking children, child cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), adult CPR and the recovery position to children aged 9 and above.

This relatively new charity was set up within the last 2 years by doctors who work on the frontline and clearly see the need for this vital service. They have already created over 3000 Little lifesavers!

Training is provided at schools, clubs and community groups free of charge, with each session having up to 3 volunteer instructors using an adult CPR manikin and a child CPR manikin for the practical hands-on training. All the instructors are volunteers and comprise mainly of junior doctors or trained members of the public. 

The overall aim of the organisation is to create a nation of little life savers.  By teaching children essential life-saving skills the Charity hopes to increase the survival rate from cardiac arrest and choking through trained bystanders being able to give assistance.  Currently in the UK there is only a 10% chance that if you collapsed in the street with a cardiac arrest somebody would deliver bystander CPR. 

With our help Little Lifesavers have been able to purchase12 new junior life-saving mannequins, allowing the Little Life Savers service to expand into East Sussex and Kent where there is already a demand in local schools and youth groups.

To find out more about Little Lifesavers take a look at their website www.littlelifesavers.org