Inspiring the Next Generation of Young Scientists

With the assistance of a Community Grant from Fonthill, The Priory School in Lewes has been able to complete the full refurbishment of three of their science laboratories.   

The works have also included the provision of a mobile fume cupboard complete with docking stations. Previously, students had to leave the classroom to use a shared, fixed, fume cupboard, that not only limited the experimental work pupils could do, it also involved a significant degree of disruption to teaching and learning.

"The new labs have created a really positive learning environment for our young scientists.  The students are noticeably more engaged in the refurbished facilities compared to the old ones, showing how important the environment is, and the impact it has on learning " said one teacher.  They went on to add "Encouraging engagement in the sciences is a positive step to more pupils taking STEM subjects for GCSE and beyond."

The use of the new labs extends beyond the school curriculum.  With the aim to promote the uptake of STEM subjects, The Priory School runs an after-school Science Club and summer sessions.  As well as incorporating science sessions into the School's Summer Primary School taster days and the week-long integration programme for pupils who find the transition from Primary to Secondary School more of a challenge.  All these activities are designed to inspire and excite pupils in STEM activities, using creative events such as methane rockets and Harry Potter style magic! These wonderful extra-curricular opportunities make science fun and accessible to many more pupils. They are the scientists of our future we need to nurture them.

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