Exciting Creative Writing Project for Young Writers

We are delighted to be partnering with creative writing charity, Little Green Pig, on a fantastic initiative to draw out the creative writing talents of pupils at three of Brighton & Hove's largest primary schools. 

Fonthill Foundation is funding the Little Green Pig team to deliver an innovative project called 'Six Boxes' with more than 60 children in Moulescomb, Whitehawk and central Brighton participating.  This exciting new project, being developed in partnership with professional graphic illustrator Ottilie Hainsworth, will combine drawing and writing to bring out the creative skills of those taking part.

During a series of after-school workshops  children will be encouraged and supported to delve into their imaginations, to write and illustrate their own autobiographical 'six box' comic story, which will be combined into a professionally produced book available throughout Sussex.

Little Green Pig are keen to use art in their projects, "Using an art and writing approach is a fantastic way to break down barriers and encourage children to really express themselves" said one of the team, "Creative writing not only develops new skills and supports literacy, it helps improve communication and boosts self-esteem.  To see their work published is so exciting for those involved. It is something they can be really proud of."

To find out more about Little Green Pig take a look at their website at www.littlegreenpig.org.uk