Contain-A-School Experiences

Our overseas links offer a fantastic opportunity for young people from the UK, often those who are struggling to find direction, who are disengaged with education or who have low hopes and aspirations, to take part in a truly life-enhancing experience. Our 'Contain-A-School' Experiences give young people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference to the lives of others, as well as their own.

Our 'Experiences' are not a holiday, far from it. Whilst of course there are opportunities to see the local sights, the purpose of the trip is to get hands-on. Spending time working in one of our partner schools transforming classrooms, running football tournaments, helping to deliver art classes, makes such a difference to the children overseas and can offer something that truly changes participant's outlook on life.

We know those who take part come back with more confidence, a sense of pride and achievement in what they have done, a deeper respect and a new view of the life.

The adventure is being part of the community, being immersed in the culture and the life of the school – The outcome is truly life-changing on both sides of the world.

"The experience has been unbelievable for every single student. Most of these young people have significant difficulties and challenges in their own lives, however they have been so motivated and inspired by the children they met and were overwhelmed by the kindness and warmth they received from the local community.  They couldn't believe that people would show such generosity to someone they hardly knew. It has transformed their lives."

Teacher – Tanzania Contain-A-School Experience