Contain-A-School Experience with Brighton City College Students

Sometimes life's struggles can seem overwhelming. Personal circumstances make it difficult to see how your hopes and dreams could ever become reality.  Life becomes centred around what you know and the limitations that this wraps you up in.

So what if you have the chance to break out of this, to see another life, in deed another world? 

Spending a week in the remote village of Wasso, Tanzania, renovating school rooms at Lumo School, playing sports with the local children and leading classroom activities for them, was a life-changing experience for students from Brighton City College Pathways programme.

Challenging – Emotional – Life enhancing – Hard Work – New Relationships – Openness – Respect – Trust – Pride – New Skills – Focus – Curiosity – Responsibility – Fun – Laughter – Satisfaction – Aspirations – Sharing – Confidence – Friendships – Exploration – Reflection

School: Lumo School, Tanzania
UK School Partner: Pathways Programme, Brighton City College
Overseas Charity Partner: Ngorongoro Education Project Tanzania (NEPT)
UK School Partner: Brighton City College

Life changed for 18 yr old Brighton City College student Kieran and 8yr old, Tanzanian pupil Rogati, when the two met in the remote Tanzanian village of Wasso.

Both Rogati and Kieran are deaf.  Thanks to the NEPT Sponsor-a-Child programme Rogati has the opportunity of an education.  However being deaf is isolating.  Rogati is a little boy often locked in his own world, detached from his classmates. Yet life for Rogati changed just a little bit when, Kieran, arrived at the school.  For the first time he was able to communicate and connect with someone who understood.  Over the week Kieran was able to help Rogati join in with school life, teaching him simple sign language and giving him the confidence to take part.

"I feel like Rogati and I connected so quickly, I taught him many things he'd never seen before and it was so touching how delighted he was to learn sign language and express himself for the first time. Tanzania was an amazing place, the bonds I made with Rogati and the friendships we made with the local people meant it a very emotional and life changing experience." 

Kieran – Brighton City College, Pathways Student

Kieran and Rogati outside the school at Wasso